Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check

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If your car was manufactured after 1981, it will have a 17 digit VIN unless it was imported into the country, then it may have a shorter VIN.

We will contact you shortly after we receive your order with the VIN report for your vehicle.

For all VIN searches up to $50, we will email you the report within 4-6 hours. For the $75 VIN search allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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With our National VIN check, we will provide information such as which state the vehicle is currently titled in and information on vehicle brandings such as salvage, junk, or rebuilt.

With our in state VIN check, we will provide the following:

- Vehicle Brandings (Salvage, Rebuilt, Scrap, Junk, total loss, etc.)
- Last reported mileage
- Title issue date and Title Number
- Current Lienholder (If applicable)
- Reported Thefts
- Current owner name and address (If authorized)

If you decide to hire us to recover the title for your vehicle, any VIN costs will be deducted from title cost unless stated otherwise.