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After purchasing my 1976 eldorado I had an issue with the tittle the previous owner had actually put me on to these guys because it was a nightmare getting this car but tittle God’s came threw and helped us out they got the tittle in took a few weeks they got it done these guys are very friendly and helpful and understanding I would recommend them to anyone they was a huge help in getting the tittle I was able to transfer the tittle to nj and get nj plates with no problem these guys are the best thanks Tittle Gods 💯💪🏽😎


I had gotten scammed by another title company/individual. I was about to give up on my Car when by chance I came across title gods in a comment On a youtube video of all places.

So in made a Hail Mary pass And called them. There I connected with Josh who patiently listened to my wild  Story. I he asked me some questions and checked to see if he could help me..... Josh got back to me and said he could,And did!!!!!

These guys are professionals!
They keep you in the loop.
Promptly return calls. 
And answer all questions.. 
no attitudes no fuss.
They are on point...

I will most definitely use them again. And I will recommend them to anybody that needs this service....
Once again thanx Josh
And the TITLE GODS crew.


I'm into classic cars, and most of the time when you happen across some rusty gold parked in someone's front yard, the title is long gone. That hasn't worried me since I found Title Gods. Brandon knows more about title recovery than anyone I've ever met, and he's been helpful in answering my thousands of questions over the past few months. Gotta love a good honest company that lives up to its name!


This Company is amazing! Brandon and everyone else there are really professional and they know their stuff. They are on top of their game and will help you in any way possible and guide you through the process. Great professionals and fair prices.


Title Gods helped me get my title after a seller would not release it. They were very helpful and communicative during the entire process. After less than two weeks they were able to deliver my title right to my home. Just when I thought it was over, they helped me to keep my car title.


I acquired a truck for work with an out-of-state title but was missing paperwork. DMV told me they could not do anything without that paperwork and I was not able to locate them. I called several tag agencies and basically they told me to junk the car because it was nothing I can do to get a title here in Florida.

I spoke with Josh and he immediately began to work on getting me a title. Within 48 hours I had a Florida title in my hands so I was able to get back to work. Thank you Josh for your hard work. You guys truly are title gods.

After purchasing a 2003 Audi A6 on Craigslist, I never received the title from the seller of the vehicle who quickly disappeared after I bought it. This led to months of me going back and forth with the DMV and not getting anywhere.

Then I came across an ad for Title Gods, claiming that they could get my car titled in just a few weeks. I contacted the phone number and spoke with Josh. He ran my VIN number and assured me that he could title the vehicle in my name without any issue.

I was skeptical at first, especially after the DMV told me it was impossible. But I talked it over with some friends and decided to take the risk seeing as I can't use the car until it's properly registered.

I purchased the Expedited Title recovery service on the website and received an envelope in the mail within just a few days. The instructions were clear and very simple. I signed the forms and sent them back in the envelope that they provided.

A few days later I received a call from Josh letting me know that he received all of my documents and that everything was complete and he would begin the process right away. He updated me along the way and within about 5 weeks I received a clean and clear Florida title in my name! I couldn't believe my eyes. I brought it to the same DMV I went to previously they thoroughly looked over it and a few minutes later issued my tag and registration!!

These guys are the real deal! If you ever need a title or have vehicle title issues, call them!

Thank you Title Gods for answering all my questions allowing the way and obtaining a title for my car!!!


I was desperately in need of a work truck after my last truck got totaled. After a few days of searching Craigslist found a 1996 Ford Ranger for a great price.
The only issue was that the seller on Craigslist did not have the title. He said that he had it before but never transferred it into his name. I didn't even think that it would be worth dealing it, but I kept looking on Craigslist and I came across an ad for a company called "Title Gods" offering a title recovery service. Their ad said that they could title any vehicle, so I gave them a call. I spoke to Josh and he explained the process very clearly, and asked for the VIN so he could give me a definite answer as to if he could title it and what the cost would be. So I immediately called the owner of the Ford back and got the VIN from him and immediately texted it over to Josh. Not even 5 minutes later, Josh called me and told me the vehicle was not stolen, and had no liens, and he quoted $399 for a Title, tag, and registration all in my name in just 2-3 weeks. I then called the seller, and negotiated on the price and was able to get him down from $700, to $300 seeing as he had it for sale for so long. I immediately went and purchased the vehicle and hired Title Gods to take care of the tag and title right away.

The forms came in the mail a few days later, and all I had to do was notarize one form and send it back with the bill of sale in the envelope they provided for me. Josh contacted me 2 days later and let me know that he received my paperwork, and that I would be receiving the tag and registration within 2 weeks, and the title a few weeks after. 9 days later I received an automated email from the post office saying that my tag was delivered. I immediately rushed home, and there it was! I couldn't believe my eyes. It almost seemed too good to be true, so I called a buddy of mine in law enforcement and had him run the license plate and sure enough, it came up in my name!

Title Gods makes the process EXTREMELY simple, extremely fast, and they had amazing communication throughout the entire process. I can't thank Josh enough for answering all of my questions and getting my vehicle on the road! I highly recommend them to anyone needing a title or having any title issues.


I bought a 1993 NISSAN 240sx as a project car. If you know these cars they are almost impossible to find with no rust and not completely trashed from drifting, well this 240 was mint and didn’t need to much work cosmetically. About halfway through the engine swap i wanted to transfer the title into my name so I can register it, well I came to realize I could not find the title anywhere!

So after about 2 weeks of turning my house upside down to try and find my title I started searching online “what do I do if I lose a title that is not in my name and I don’t know the last registered owner”.

So that’s when I came across TitleGods I called them up and they explained the process to me, after that I was confident everything would be alright. I purchased the 2003 and older title tag and registration and in just 3 weeks I received my tag and registration and was able to start driving, the title came in the following week 

Highly recommend for your titling issues!

Bryan Smith


I had heard stories about companies claiming they could recover a title for people. When I looked them up I usually found those dreams-come-true were accompanied by claims with the Better Business Bureau or horror stories from other customers.

When I found Title Gods they seemed to have positive reviews, so I gave them a try. And I’m glad I did, because six weeks later I had a title and registration in my hand. All it cost me was a few hundred bucks and some time filling out some papers.

They were able to tell me my car wasn’t “hot” and didn’t have any outstanding loans tied to it. I even called them with some questions about the paperwork and Brandon walked me through what to do.

Really great customer service. I’m happy with the experience and I hope anyone reading this decides to give them a try.

Jordan Ross


Came across Title Gods while doing a google search, was very skeptical at first and did months of researching and talking back and forth with my buddies to see the risks.

Well finally pulled the trigger. I ordered the expedited title service and received a CLEAN AND CLEAR FL TITLE in my name in just 3 weeks

These guys are simply amazing.

Alex Dufresne


Just got out of a bad divorce from an abusive wife, she stole the title to my car and registrered it in her name and tried stealing the vehicle from me. I called the police and they told me that it was a civil matter and there was nothing they could do. Then I came across TITLE GODS on facebook, and spoke to one of their agents and they assured me they could get the vehicle titled back in my name in less then a month. I went for it and in just under 4 weeks, the title to my land rover came in with my name on it!! Saved thousands in lawyers fees just to get my own property back that was rightfully mine in the first place.

I recommend anyone with title issues to call Title Gods, they go above and beyond to fix your title problems.

The pic is my car right after we separated. So if you see Jessica, stay FAR AWAY from her, otherwise this could be you!