Refund Policy


Title Gods LLC strives to provide customer satisfaction in everything we do.   If you are not satisfied with a product or service you have received, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

If you have purchased a service from us, you can request a full refund for any reason within 24 hours and your refund request will be granted provided that no services such as a VIN search, certified letter mailings, or custom products have been ordered or received.  If such services have been performed, ordered or received then your refund request will be reviewed for determination of amount refunded if any.

After 24 hours, you will be charged a $50 service fee due to shipping costs, VIN checks and title searches.  

You can cancel at any time before you send us your vehicle documents. Once we receive your vehicle documents, we will make the necessary payments with the DMV which cannot be reversed or refunded.

Once your service is completed and you receive your vehicle documents, there will be no refunds. 

For physical products, there is a 2 week return policy if the product is unopened for a full refund. 

If your product arrives damaged or not functional, contact us to assist you and determine the best course of action. 


To be fully refunded, you must cancel your service order within 24 hours after sending us your vehicle documents. Once we receive the documents, they will be processed through the DMV and we will no longer be able to refund you.  

Once your order is placed, you will have 60 days to send us your paperwork in the envelope that we will provide to you. We will contact you weekly as a reminder. If you do not send your paperwork within 60 days, you may not be entitled to a refund. 

Last Edited on 2018-01-01