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How does the process work?

Start by choosing your title service. The options we currently offer are a South Dakota title for 2003 and older vehicles or a Florida Title for any year, make, and model.

Next, choose to add on a license plate and registration or a title only for your vehicle. Now click purchase, accept the disclaimer stating that your vehicle is free of liens and thefts, then you will begin the checkout process. Just fill out the form and enter your payment information and any promo codes to complete the payment process.

Once your order is confirmed, check your email, and email or text us with your vehicle information. Once we receive your info, we will mail you the paperwork. simply notarize it and mail it back to us with your documents using the prepaid envelope provided. Once we receive your forms, we will immediately get started on your conversion.

Expect your title in 5-7 weeks!

What do I need to recover my vehicle title?

For our South Dakota title recovery service, just a picture of your ID and proof of identity, a bill of sale, and a notarized power of attorney form which we will provide.

For the Florida title recovery service, we will need a photo of your ID, a vehicle VIN/Odometer inspection which we can assist you with, and a notarized Power of attorney that will be provided for you.

What do I do if I don't have a title or bill of sale?

If you do not have the title for your vehicle, we will do a vehicle history report using your VIN to ensure it is not stolen and is free of any liens. If you do not have a bill of sale, we can provide one for you if it is necessary for us to recovery your title.

What if my title is in my name but I lost it?

If your vehicle is already registered in your name, you can go to your local DMV and they will issue you a duplicate title for a small fee.

What if I bought a vehicle months ago and never transferred the title and lost the title?

If you did not transfer the title to your name before losing it, you can try contacting the previous owner for a duplicate title, otherwise we can use our title recovery process to get your vehicle titled in your name.

What happens if you cannot get me a title?

If we fail to provide you a title, you will receive a full refund unless the vehicle has a lien or active theft. If the vehicle has a lien, we can only issue a partial refund. If the vehicle is stolen, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

How long does it take for a Florida title recovery?

A Florida title recovery takes 5-7 weeks with our standard service, and 3-4 weeks with our expedited service.

Can I get a temporary tag before the title is recovered?

We cannot issue temporary tags. The vehicle must be titled in your name to be eligible for a tag and registration.

Do I have to get a South Dakota title for my vehicle if it is 2003 and older or can I get a Florida title?

The South Dakota title is an optional service, which is more affordable in most cases. The Florida title recovery service is for all years, makes, and models.

Can I get a South Dakota tag, registration, and title if my vehicle is 2004 and newer?

Unfortunately, we would have to do a Florida title recovery if your vehicle is 2004 or newer.

Can I use A South Dakota tag/registration here in Florida?

Florida law states you have 10 days to transfer an out of state tag and title over to Florida once moving there. However, your Florida address will be on the registration and title so you should not have any issues using the South Dakota tag and registration.

Can you transfer a South Dakota title to Florida or another state?

A South Dakota vehicle title is honored by all 50 states, you just simply bring the title to your local DMV and pay the fees and they will issue you a new title in your state. They may require a VIN inspection so it is always a good idea to call your local DMV first.

Can you title, tag, and register off-road vehicles?

We have a sister site that is specifically geared towards converting off-road vehicles to street legal. They can make dirt bike's, ATV's, UTV's, Golf Carts, and anything else you can think of, street legal. Check them out at https://www.dirtlegal.com

Will I have to pay taxes on the vehicle?

For the Florida title recovery service, no taxes will be charged. With the South Dakota title recovery service, there may be a sales tax fee of 4% of the purchase price listed on your bill of sale, unless you traded something of equal value for the vehicle.

What's the difference between a Florida and South Dakota title?

The main difference between the state you choose is the price, a South Dakota title is more affordable then a Florida title, but your vehicle must be a 2003 model or older to qualify. With titling your vehicle in South Dakota, you have the option to add on a license plate and registration for just $99. Both states will have the title come in your name and will take 5-7 weeks.

Why does a Florida title cost more than a South Dakota title?

Every state has different fees for title costs, and some cost more than others.

Do I need a Florida address or drivers license in order to get a Florida title?

No, you just need an ID or drivers license from any state.

What if my license is suspended?

If your license is suspened, we can still recover your vehicle title, but we may not be able to issue a tag and registration.

Do I need a South Dakota address or drivers license in order to get a South Dakota title, tag, or registration?

No, South Dakota is a nomadic state which means do you not need to have a residency to register a vehicle there.

What if I am not located in Florida or South Dakota?

You do not need to be located in either Florida or South Dakota to use either service.

Can you recover a title in another state other than Florida or South Dakota?

There are a few other states that we are able to recover titles in, however with the states we use, the titles will transfer over to any state.

## What if I don't know the registered owners name?

You will not need to know the current registered owners name for us to do a title recovery for you.

Can you title my vehicle if it has a lien?

This is a case by case basis, in many cases, we cannot title vehicle with active liens. However, if your vehicle has a lien and is 2003 or older, we can issue you a tag and registration that is good for 1 year, but we cannot issue you a title until the lien is released.

My vehicle was imported from another country. Can you title it?

Yes! If your vehicle was imported from another country, we can still title it, although the cost may vary. Contact us if your vehicle has been imported with or without a title.

Will my vehicle need a VIN inspection to get a title?

With the Florida title recovery service, your vehicle will may require a VIN inspection and odometer inspection. This can be done by a notary, car dealer, or police officer. Contact us and we can schedule a VIN inspection for your vehicle. You WILL NOT have to bring your vehicle anywhere, it can stay where it currently is.

Will my vehicle need an inspection to get a title?

If choosing the Florida title recovery service, your vehicle will need a VIN and odometer inspection only. This can be done by a notary, a car dealership, or local law enforcement. We can schedule this for you. The South Dakota title recovery service for 2003 and older vehicles DOES NOT require any inspections.

Where are you located? Do you have an office I can come to?

We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have an office that is by appointment only, please contact us if you are local and would like to come in for assistance recovering your vehicle title.

I have the title, but someone else signed as the buyer, can you help me?

Yes, these situations are fairly quick for us to resolve. We can usually get you a title in your name with or without a tag/registration within a week.

I have the title, but the DMV is giving me issues transferring it over to my name, can you help?

Yes! In nearly all cases we can get these issues resolved fairly quickly and cheaper then recovering a title. If this is the case, contact us for better assistance as each case is different.

I have a salvage title or certificate of destruction/junk title, can you make it a clean title?

If your vehicle has a salvage branding, we can still recover the title, but you will receive a salvage title. You will have to bring this title and your vehicle to an inspection office in order for it to become a rebuilt title that can be used on the road.

What is a salvage title?

A salvage title is a vehicle that has been in an accident or insurance claim and is not suitable for road use due to damage. In order to register the vehicle, it must be inspected first, then it will become a rebuilt title that can be operated on the roads. Yes! We use legal methods to obtain titles for any and all vehicles, no matter the year, make, or model!

My vehicle is in the impound, can you help get my vehicle out?

If your vehicle has been impounded and the vehicle is NOT in your name and you do NOT have a title, we can assist by tracking down the previous owner, but we cannot guarantee that we will be successful in doing so. This is a case by case basis.

Can my vehicle be titled in my business name?

Yes, we can title your vehicle in your personal name or your business name. We will just need the business EIN Number.

What is a title?

A title, formally called Certificate of Title, is a legal document proving ownership of a vehicle, it contains the owners name and address, along with the vehicle VIN, year, make, model, and mileage.

What is a vehicle tag and registration?

A tag is a license plate that is secured to the rear of a vehicle in order to be driven on public roadways. It is a combination of numbers and letters. A vehicle registration is a document showing who the vehicle is registered to, and has the license plate number, and date of expiration. These typically need to be renewed every 1-2 years.

What is a rebuilt title?

A "rebuilt title" is placed upon a rebuilt or reconstructed vehicle that previously was a salvage vehicle but has now been repaired and restored to operation. These vehicles are often severely damaged before they are rebuilt, and refurbished parts are typically used during reconstruction.