How To Recover Your Vehicle Title With Title Gods


There’s a lot of misinformation out there about title recovery. At the onset, the process of getting a new or replacement title may seem confusing. You may have some questions about what we do, how we do it, or why our prices are what they are. And in today’s world, you should.

This page explains our process step by step, from the moment you first contact us to the moment a title arrives in your mailbox. If you can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ section below, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you to the best of our abilities.


Our Step-by-Step Process

There’s no need to take your vehicle anywhere – not even for an inspection. Our title recovery process works on cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, side-by-sides, go karts – just about any vehicle short of heavy trucks and industrial equipment. The process costs as little as $399 and takes about 30 minutes of your time.

The easiest way to place an order is by calling us (read the FAQ for other ways). We’ll need your car’s year, make, model, and VIN, along with general information about your proof of purchase and ownership history. The first call takes about 5 minutes.

Next, we will research potential hurdles like liens, theft records, and other problems. If everything checks out, we’ll contact you with a final price and direct you to our Services page to purchase a service. We’ll explain the required paperwork, and we’ll ask that you email us some basic information like your legal name, mailing address, and the color and mileage of the vehicle. All said, the second call and the ordering process take about 10 minutes.

Our team of experts will then mail you the required paperwork in a prepaid envelope. The enclosed instructions will describe what everything is, the required fields, and where to sign. You will need to include a few specific items (see below) and you’ll need to sign one document in front of a notary. Then return the whole packet in the provided prepaid envelope. The paperwork takes only a few minutes.

After about 5-7 weeks (3-4 for expedited Florida titles) you’ll receive a clean title in the mail, complete with valid registration if you opted for that service. The title is clean, in your name, and features your mailing address. It’s also completely transferable, so you can transfer your new title to the state of your choosing.

It’s that simple!


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we offer? What information will we need?

We offer two distinct services based on your vehicle’s model year.

Florida Title Service (vehicles 2004 and newer)

You will receive a clean transferable Florida title in your name with your home address. You can purchase Title Only or Title + Registration. There are no taxes involved in the Florida Title Service. You should receive a title in 5-7 weeks, or 3-4 weeks if you choose Expedited Processing.

At the start we need:

  •   VIN number
  •   General information

In the mailed packet:

  •   Signed odometer statement
  •   Signed and notarized Power of Attorney (POA) form
  •   Signed instruction form
  •   Picture of driver’s license
  •   Picture of VIN
  •   Picture of odometer

South Dakota Title Service (vehicles 2003 or older)

You will receive a clean transferable South Dakota title in your name with your home address. You can purchase Title Only or Title + Registration. There is a 4% tax assessed on the purchase cost of the vehicle. You should receive a title in 5-7 weeks. Expedited Processing is not yet available for this service.

At the start we need:

  •   VIN number
  •   General information

In the mailed packet:

  •   Bill of sale
  •   Signed and notarized Power of Attorney (POA) form
  •   Signed instruction form
  •   Documentation of your Social Security Number (SSN): a picture of your social security card, a copy of a 1099 or W2, or similar
  •   Payment of 4% sales tax on the price stated on the Bill of Sale

Can I buy a Florida title for a vehicle older than 2004?

It depends. Please call us if you’d like to explore this route.

Can I buy a South Dakota title for a vehicle newer than 2003?

Sorry, South Dakota law does not allow for this.

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Why do you need my SSN? (South Dakota only)

We require this because South Dakota requires proof of an applicant’s SSN if the applicant does not possess a South Dakota driver’s license. If you do have a South Dakota driver’s license, please let us know.

Why do you need Power of Attorney (POA)?

The Power of Attorney form lets us communicate with the DMV on your behalf. The POA form we mail to you lists your vehicle’s VIN number; this form lets us file paperwork for that vehicle, and nothing else. Your notary can confirm this at the time of signing. Your bank probably offers a free notary service during regular business hours.

Why do you need my VIN number?

We need your VIN to confirm that your vehicle qualifies for our title services. We check for liens and past title issues, and we make sure the vehicle hasn’t been reported stolen. A VIN number is required to proceed with any of our services.

We offer a VIN checking service on our website for $19.00 per VIN. If you use this service, you may call us to have that amount deducted from your final order price.

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How can I place an order?

  • Phone (preferred): We encourage you to call us at our Florida office to begin the process. It’s much easier to sort out what you’ll need when we can hear your lovely voice.
  •  Online: If you’re confident in which services you need, you can order directly through our Services page. Don’t forget to contact us regarding your VIN check refund!
  •  Email: Feel free to email us directly to initiate an order. We’ll contact you regarding the next steps.

Is the quoted price the final price?

Normally, the quoted price is the final price. In rare cases, it may take additional time to discover certain title issues. Some title issues take effect midway through our process, and we can’t know about those on the first phone call. If that happens, we’ll contact you before taking any further steps.

What if you can’t title my vehicle?

Our years of experience let us save as much time and money as possible, and we guarantee a legal title for your vehicle as long as it qualifies or your money back. Our success rate is over 99%, but if we can’t obtain a title to your qualified vehicle you will receive a full refund – no questions asked.


Why should I pay you for these services?

When it comes to the DMV, if something is missing or a mistake is made you can get hit with fines, fees, and ongoing title problems. Not to mention, the DMV moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to fixing these issues. Title Gods knows how to navigate the sea of DMV rules and paperwork correctly the first time.

Is all of this legal?

YES! Everything about our process is 100% legal. Florida and South Dakota have both chosen to pass laws which allow for services like these to exist. Please note, your state may require additional modifications for street-legal use or to pass inspection.