How and Why to Run a VIN Number

How to Run a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Are you wondering what a VIN check is? Have you seen those free VIN check sites and those other paid services, and wondered why you would pay for something you can get for free? Are you feeling iffy about that latest steal of a deal on a local classifieds site?

In this handy guide we’ll explain why it’s important to run a VIN check, how you can perform a VIN check by yourself for free, how you can hire us to do a more thorough search for just $10, and why paying for this information is a much better answer than getting it for free.

Where to find your VIN

Why Should I Run a VIN Check?

If you have any doubts as to the legitimacy of a car, truck, van, SUV, or any vehicle that should have a title, especially if that title is missing for some reason, it’s well worth investing in our $10 VIN Check service before you make the deal. 10 bucks is a small price to pay for peace of mind on thousands of dollars’ worth of metal. Believe me, we’ve seen some sh*t.

The main reason we perform VIN checks at Title Gods is to ensure that your vehicle meets our Qualification Standards. A variety of title-related issues will come to light in the reports that we generate for your VIN number. This helps us ensure we’re running a fair and honest business (and steering clear of criminal activity), and it helps you sleep at night knowing that sweet Craigslist deal doesn’t have a dirty little secret.

What a VIN can tell you about a vehicle

What a VIN can tell you about a vehicle

Can I Check My VIN for Free?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Here’s why.

In today’s world, information is the hottest commodity. Anytime there’s both a paid version and a free version of the same information, chances are the free one is less trustworthy. And as we all know, if you’re not paying for a service chances are your data is being gathered and sold.

That’s not to say those sites that advertise free VIN checks are scamming you. Most of them are legitimate, but nearly all of them obtain their information from far fewer sources, and a lot older sources, than a paid service would. But some of them are totally scams.

A scammer texted me while I was sitting here writing this very post. I have my Subaru on Craigslist, and he asked me to run its VIN on and send him the report. I Googled that site and it’s well-known for stealing credit card numbers. Yikes! You can’t make this stuff up, and it furthers the point that not all VIN services can be trusted.

In any case, be sure to read the fine print. You need to trust that the information you’re receiving is accurate and the information you’re giving isn’t being abused.

Be sure to write down your VIN carefully to not make any mistakes. 

Be sure to write down your VIN carefully to not make any mistakes. 

You’re Pretty Biased, Aren’t You?

We do have something to sell, but we’re not making a dollar off selling it to you.  Honestly.

Some states like Florida provide free VIN checks through a government or DMV website. If your state provides this service, the landing page will look something like Florida’s.  Those sites will tell if your vehicle is salvaged or if there are any liens on it, and so will well-known VIN check providers like NICB.

The catch is these free services aren’t very accurate. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve come across multiple stolen vehicles that were not reported on certain sites, not to mention liens and other valuable information that would rustle your jimmies if you knew about it.

National VIN report

What’s In The Title Gods $10 VIN Check?

To obtain our $10 VIN Check reports we use our corporate account with Auto Data Direct. This nationally known and trusted company accesses the federally-maintained National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database to return the most up-to-date and comprehensive data available.

Here’s what the report checks for:

Is the vehicle stolen? Any reported thefts show up on this VIN check. If it’s been stolen and recovered in the past, we can see that as well.

Does the vehicle have a lien? If any owner ever had a lien on the vehicle, it shows up. Don’t know what a lien is? Let me explain.

Has the vehicle ever been salvaged? Sometimes a seller will hand you a clean title, but the next time you send that title off it comes back as Salvage (here’s how). Avoid that shady nonsense by running a VIN check first.

What was the last title action? Did someone file for a duplicate, replacement, or abandoned title? Has the title been recovered before?

Are there any registration stops? That’s something like an outstanding toll fine or citation, which prevents the registration from being renewed until it’s taken care of.

Other information that’s provided as part of our $25-$50 VIN Check includes:

·         Name and address of last registered owner

·         Last reported mileage

·         Registration status

·         Year, make, model, and color

·         Most recent sale date and price

·         Date last title was issued

·         License plate number

·         Lien holder information

There Is a Cheaper Option

We also offer a $10 Limited VIN Check service. This is a great tool for when you have a title in your hand and you want to know a little more about the car’s title history without breaking the bank. This report outlines thefts, liens, salvage information, and last reported mileage but omits the more detailed information found on our $10 VIN Check.

How Do I Order a VIN Check Through Title Gods?

We welcome you to purchase your VIN check through our secure site. It won’t take long for us to process your request, and we will contact you with the finalized VIN report.

When it comes time to buy a title for your car, truck, SUV, go kart, golf kart, side-by-side, dirt bike, pit bike, or any other vehicle, we’ll take the $10 or $20 off your purchase price over at our sister site Dirt Legal.

You can trust Title Gods to not abuse your personal information, and our service providers have been vetted to the highest standards to ensure the same level of quality and respect from them.

Still have questions? Head over to our FAQ Page or contact us today.


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