Title Gods is a vehicle title recovery service, we specialize in recovering lost titles, and vehicles without titles.   We deal with all types of situations from lost titles, to no titles, and even imported vehicles.  Some of the common situations that we deal with are vehicles that are bought without a title, a title that was lost before transferring, an improperly completed title, and vehicles with old liens from dealers that are no longer in business. There isn't a title issue that we haven't seen so don't hesitate to call us with your title issue.

Currently, we use many different methods to obtain titles for vehicles.  We determine the best process based on the vehicles previous title history, your location, and the cost to obtain the title.  We work with various states, so if we cannot get you a title in your state, we can still get you an out of state title that you can get transferred at your local DMV.


100% Success To Date!

• We haven’t had to refund any client so far!
• Our specialists enjoy getting titles even for auction vehicles, or cars that are abandoned, impounded, or unclaimed!
• Getting a title for your vehicle should be a breeze!

We Fail, We Pay!
100% Refund!

• In all the years we’ve been titling, no one has claimed a refund.
• Our specialists can solve every type of vehicle titling obstacle.
• And even Commercial Vehicles!

You Name it, We'll Title it!

• Cars
• Trucks
• Motorcycles
• Boats
• ATVs
• And even Commercial Vehicles!


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Car Title Recovery

What is Title Gods?

Buying a vehicle is already an expensive proposition, so why break the bank to solve a title problem? From replacing a lost car title, to storage, towing and mechanic liens, the Title Gods can get your vehicle registered quickly and affordably. We have many years of experience, and we’re here to help you online, on the phone, or even in-person.

Lost Title

In order to register a vehicle and apply for license plates, most states require that you have a Certificate of Title. However it’s not uncommon for people to misplace this important piece of paper. The process of getting a replacement car title, truck title or boat title can become daunting and expensive. Especially if you’ve just bought the vehicle and never received the title.

Our experienced staff can help you replace that missing title or get your vehicle registration, even if there was no title to start with. The process is very simple, and we can even assist you in getting a license plate and registration. Here are some examples of how the Title Gods title recovery service can help:

Buying a car with no title

You never received a title.
You received a title but never transferred it into your name.
You received a title that was signed over, but the seller never titled the car in their name.

Settling an estate

You need to sell a vehicle to which there’s no title.
You’ve inherited a vehicle to which there’s no title.

Classic Car Titles

Many states don’t require a title to register an antique vehicle, while others still do. If you live in a state that requires a vintage car title, then the Title Gods can help you obtain a new car title, even if the vehicle hasn’t been registered in many years. Plus, we can even arrange to have the vehicle inspection done for you, should that be required.

Getting a title for an imported car

Some of the coolest vehicles are only available overseas. But luckily, you can now import cars to the United States legally, once they turn 25 years old. Getting an imported car title however, can be an extremely complicated process. Fortunately, the Title Gods have secured titles for countless imported vehicles, and we know just how to handle this complex process.

Abandoned Vehicle - Storage Liens, Mechanic’s Liens, and Towing Liens

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your property, or a customer that hasn’t paid their repair, storage or towing bill, then let the Title Gods help you obtain legal ownership of that abandoned car, abandoned truck or abandoned boat. It’s illegal to sell, or otherwise dispose of a vehicle that you don’t own. A storage lien, mechanics lien, or towing lien gives you the legal right to do so. And we can help you make it happen. Title Gods have been working with landlords, repair shop owners, and towing companies for many years. We know how to help you fulfill your legal obligations, and we can even help you with the advertising and notification process.

Make things simple

The name Title Gods may be funny and memorable. But what we do is very serious and effective. Obtaining a vehicle title is an involved process that requires numerous forms of documentation, which must all adhere to the letter of the law. We provide people with a convenient way to secure legal ownership of a vehicle, no matter how old, or new it is. To learn more about how we can help you recover a lost vehicle title, or place a lien on an abandoned vehicle, then give us a call at 1-800-341-2186. Or click “Get My Title”!

Some of the Vehicles we've proudly obtained titles for.